Maggiano’s Little Italy Bridal Session

September 6, 2015

If you follow me on facebook, you’d know what an amazing wedding we had last night! I was just so excited to finally be able to show how beautiful Desire’s bridal session was. I love how elegant this venue is, the color, the light, the feel was absolutely classy and elegant.

I was absolutely inspired on Desi’s bridal day. I knew the good spots of this restaurant as soon as we walked in. I cannot wait to post photos of their wedding.

In the mean time, check these out!

Desiree Bridals-64 Desiree Bridals-55 Desiree Bridals-53 Desiree Bridals-51 Desiree Bridals-47 Desiree Bridals-45 Desiree Bridals-42 Desiree Bridals-41 Desiree Bridals-38 Desiree Bridals-37 Desiree Bridals-36 Desiree Bridals-32 Desiree Bridals-31 Desiree Bridals-29 Desiree Bridals-28 Desiree Bridals-26 Desiree Bridals-25 Desiree Bridals-22 Desiree Bridals-21 Desiree Bridals-20 Desiree Bridals-18 Desiree Bridals-16 Desiree Bridals-12 Desiree Bridals-10 Desiree Bridals-9 Desiree Bridals-5 Desiree Bridals-1


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