Wedding at the Oasis

September 14, 2015

I met Marlisa at the Thunderbird Cafe, one sunny afternoon, and I knew that this wedding was going to be blissful, as soon as I saw how Marlisa’s face radiated with happiness. Larry and I were so looking forward to Marlisa and Anthony’s wedding.

Marlisa’s wedding day arrived in full glory and it was gorgeous! The weather was perfect! Marlisa married Anthony the day of their dating anniversary 5 years on the dot! And the atmosphere couldn’t be any more romantic. It was as if the skies knew their love was meant to be. Marlissa and Anthony said their “i-do’s” under a gorgeous golden-orange and purple sky.

Escalera Wedding-1 This is one of the best looking cakes i’ve seen!Escalera Wedding-5 Escalera Wedding-6 Escalera Wedding-7 Escalera Wedding-16 Escalera Wedding-24 Escalera Wedding-25 Escalera Wedding-26 Escalera Wedding-31 There is nothing better than perfume!Escalera Wedding-37 Escalera Wedding-46 That makeup was absolutely gorgeous, complemented the beautiful bride perfectly.Escalera Wedding-51 Escalera Wedding-98 Escalera Wedding-100 Escalera Wedding-108 Escalera Wedding-114 Escalera Wedding-133 The look as she walked down the aisle, priceless!Escalera Wedding-137 Escalera Wedding-142 Dad giving her away! These are moments are so gorgeous!Escalera Wedding-152 Escalera Wedding-164 Escalera Wedding-172 Escalera Wedding-179 Escalera Wedding-186 Escalera Wedding-191 Escalera Wedding-194 Escalera Wedding-205 First Kiss!Escalera Wedding-212 Escalera Wedding-213 Escalera Wedding-265 Escalera Wedding-271 Escalera Wedding-276 Escalera Wedding-281 Escalera Wedding-289 Escalera Wedding-293 Escalera Wedding-299 Escalera Wedding-300 Escalera Wedding-310 Escalera Wedding-313 Escalera Wedding-315 Escalera Wedding-321 Escalera Wedding-323 Escalera Wedding-371 Escalera Wedding-380 Escalera Wedding-384 Escalera Wedding-389 Escalera Wedding-401 Escalera Wedding-402 Escalera Wedding-424 Escalera Wedding-431 Escalera Wedding-438 Mariachi time!Escalera Wedding-442 Escalera Wedding-444 The ring shot!Escalera Wedding-452 Escalera Wedding-482 The snake dance!Escalera Wedding-502 Escalera Wedding-514 Flower girl caught the bouquet! 🙂Escalera Wedding-519 Love how grampa goes for the dive!!!Escalera Wedding-526 Escalera Wedding-532 My favorite couple portraits are the last ones before we get to leave. This is where we can really get creative, all major events have happened and you can truly see the love they have for each other. 🙂 <3Escalera Wedding-534 Everyones absolute favorite hands down. 🙂Escalera Wedding-535 Escalera Wedding-536

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Escalera. We wish you joy, happiness and love in this brand new chapter of your life.


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