Christi + Kevin

October 28, 2015

I had the pleasure of photographing Christi’s and Kevin’s engagement and I loved it!!! We had an amazing time and we could totally tell that they are meant to be!

Congratulations you guys! We can hardly wait for your wedding!

<3 Katy.

Christi & Kevin Engagement-2 Christi & Kevin Engagement-3 I totally sneaked up on this one!Christi & Kevin Engagement-4 I love this ring! Christi & Kevin Engagement-5 Christi & Kevin Engagement-6 Christi & Kevin Engagement-7 Christi & Kevin Engagement-8 Christi & Kevin Engagement-9 I love the way he holds her! Its so beautiful.Christi & Kevin Engagement-10 Christi & Kevin Engagement-11 Christi & Kevin Engagement-12 Christi & Kevin Engagement-13 This one is my favorite out of all of them! I love the way Kevin smiles at her, and Christi looks stunning!!!Christi & Kevin Engagement-14 “Because our love always makes me want to dance”- Unknown. <3Christi & Kevin Engagement-15 Christi & Kevin Engagement-16 Christi & Kevin Engagement-17 Christi & Kevin Engagement-18 Christi & Kevin Engagement-19Infinitely!
Christi & Kevin Engagement-20


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