Keely & CJ Engagement @ New Braunfels

November 2, 2015

So I was so excited when Keely contacted me about her engagement and wedding! She described her wedding as under the bridge, next to a river and my creativity gears just started turning like crazy! How romantic is that? Saying I do under beautiful and vintage architecture while listening to the simple whisper of running water, OMG! I kept thinking how beautiful her wedding will be!

We chose the same location of her wedding for her engagement photos and I could not be happier with the results, I mean OH MA GASH!!!! hehehehe. How amazing is this! Check it out:

Keely & CJ Engagement-1 Keely & CJ Engagement-2 Keely & CJ Engagement-3 Keely & CJ Engagement-4 Keely & CJ Engagement-5 Keely & CJ Engagement-6 Keely & CJ Engagement-7 Keely & CJ Engagement-8How absolutely stunning is this???? <3 SWOOON!!!!!!
Keely & CJ Engagement-10 Keely & CJ Engagement-11 Keely & CJ Engagement-12 So whimsy and airy and romantic! I loved it! Keely & CJ Engagement-13 Keely & CJ Engagement-14 Keely & CJ Engagement-15 After sunset shots are always my favorite! Keely & CJ Engagement-16 So romantic and sweet!Keely & CJ Engagement-17 Keely & CJ Engagement-18 What a gorgeous ring!Keely & CJ Engagement-19 Keely & CJ Engagement-20 Absolutely beautiful twilight at the bridge. 🙂 Keely & CJ Engagement-21 Keely & CJ Engagement-22

Congratulations you guys! I cannot wait for your wedding!

<3 Katy.


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