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February 9, 2016

I am so glad I stumbled upon this little masterpiece a couple of months ago. Does everyone remember the ECCE HOMO Painting? If not let me give you a little background info.

There is this one little 80 year old lady up in Spain somewhere, who saw her favorite painting of Jesus being wilted as the time went by, for obvious reasons (time, temperature, old paint who knows really?) who decided that -with no prior art knowledge whatsoever- she will be the right person to bring this painting back to its prime, and she decided to start restoration of a 300+ old painting. Original painting was made by Elias Garcia Martinez.

So this is her result. YIKES!


Image from weknowmemes.com (NOT MY PICTURE or painting hahaha)

So YEAAAAAAA…….. Hahaha! So the point of this post is about editing and copyright. You can see where I am going with it, am I rite? 😉

Honestly, I always think of this whenever I go over my wedding photography contract. I have a copyright clause, and since the legal concept of copyright (found here) can be a little confusing, I use an illustration to explain it.

Lets take this hilarious example and bring it back to our 2010+, say this lady thought she could use this image she found online and fixed it because she liked this way better. She would be infringing copyright, big time! Since Elias Garcia Martinez created this “image” he is legally the copyright holder, and by literally defacing it, the older lady in our story has infringed copyright.

Same goes with wedding photography, and photography in general including physical and digital files. A client may not alter any partial or complete image, by any means, including but not limited to photoshop, Instagram filters, cropping, etc. doing so would be in direct copyright infringement 

Can you imagine if my homeboy Elias was to see this image? I can already hear a major OH HELL NAHH! coming from the grave, this is not what he “captured”, and like many photographers, once our final piece is manipulated in any way, we really do not want to be associated with the extra processed image, since it can bring (all the boys to the yard?) misrepresentation, and a bad name to our reputation.

I see this happen almost everyday within my network of photographers, and it is all due to miscommunication from us photographers to our clients or plain “I could care less” attitude (Which thank you JESUS! None of my clients have). We pour countless hours, to get our education in light, in editing, in posing, etc, and hours editing and selecting your images, so plastering “Valencia” on Instagram can come as a Big all slap in the face.

I am very grateful to all my clients who do give us the right credit and who appreciate our hard work and consideration. <3 <3 <3

I’ve also been asked if its ok for us to deliver our RAW images.

Ok, so lets smooth out this question/statement. What photographers call RAW Images are actually files in format .RAW this format comes out from our cameras, and can only be translated or opened via Photoshop, Lightroom, or any other photo modifying software. Because of this same reason “I” do not offer or provide RAW files or images, only by opening these files you’d be infringing copyright.

So whenever I get asked this the first thing that comes to mind is how do I put this:

not just no

meme from memegenerator.net

nicely??? Just kidding! I would never say that. 😉 I do however inform my clients that Raw files are not jpg images out of camera, but they are instead a file format unable to be opened but with image processing software. And my promise to always provide you with all of your best edited images, and I include as many as I can.

I hope that you find this little fun filled blog informative and not at all offensive. (Pretty pleeeeease?) 😉 <— that’s me batting my eyelashes.

If you are getting married and want an awesome and fun wedding photography experience, you know where to reach me, send me some love! I am Katy and I am the awesome photographer of the Honest Hue photography, I am based in Austin TX, but heck yes I can travel anywhere for weddings! Are you kidding? That’s like my dream!

With much love,

<3 Katy-






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