Clarissa & Lorenzo Austin Engagement

February 11, 2016

Ya’ll, wait-until-you-see-this-post. Cause love! LOOOVE is all up in here (UP IN HERE, y’all gonna make me loose my mind UP IN HERE UP IN HERE) but seriously lol, Clarissa and Enzo’s engagement was one of the most fun-loving and easy going engagement session’s we have had.

We started at the oh-so-sweet-butter-half mural and then we headed out to the so gorgeous UT Tower and made our way around campus and then we finished at my very super secret location high up on the city. I love it so much I aim to keep it my super spot forever! -__- F-O-R-E-V-E-R!

You can clearly see how awesomely they complement each other. I love the way Enzo looks at Clarissa, you can see how much they love each other. I am looking forward to your awesome wedding! Ya’ll see why, but in the mean time, enjoy!

<3 Katy-

Clarissa &amp; Enzo SM-1Clarissa &amp; Enzo SM-2Clarissa &amp; Enzo SM-3Clarissa &amp; Enzo SM-4Clarissa &amp; Enzo SM-5Clarissa &amp; Enzo SM-6Clarissa &amp; Enzo SM-7Clarissa &amp; Enzo SM-8Clarissa &amp; Enzo SM-9Clarissa &amp; Enzo SM-10Clarissa &amp; Enzo SM-11Clarissa &amp; Enzo SM-12Clarissa &amp; Enzo SM-13Clarissa &amp; Enzo SM-14Clarissa &amp; Enzo SM-15Clarissa &amp; Enzo SM-16Clarissa &amp; Enzo SM-17Clarissa &amp; Enzo SM-18Clarissa &amp; Enzo SM-19Clarissa &amp; Enzo SM-20Clarissa &amp; Enzo SM-21Clarissa &amp; Enzo SM-22Clarissa &amp; Enzo SM-23Clarissa &amp; Enzo SM-24Clarissa &amp; Enzo SM-25Clarissa &amp; Enzo SM-26Clarissa &amp; Enzo SM-27Clarissa &amp; Enzo SM-28Clarissa &amp; Enzo SM-29Clarissa &amp; Enzo SM-30Clarissa &amp; Enzo SM-31


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