Tori’s Laumbermont Bridal Session

March 12, 2016

I really look forward to posting about bridal sessions, since I get to hold on to them for so long until after the wedding. Well, Tori’s wedding was last night! Woot woot! Congratulations Mrs. Murillo! And I honestly couldn’t wait to post images of her beautiful bridal session taken at the Laumbermont Estate in San Antonio. This venue is absolutely breathtaking. She looked like a princess and this castle like venue is absolutely gorgeous!

Alright before further ado here is Tori’s Bridal session.

Tori's Bridal SM-5Tori's Bridal SM-7Tori's Bridal SM-6Tori's Bridal SM-4Tori's Bridal SM-1Tori's Bridal SM-2Tori's Bridal SM-3Tori's Bridal SM-11Tori's Bridal SM-10Tori's Bridal SM-8Tori's Bridal SM-15Tori's Bridal SM-13Tori's Bridal SM-9Tori's Bridal SM-14Tori's Bridal SM-12Tori's Bridal SM-16Tori's Bridal SM-17Tori's Bridal SM-20Tori's Bridal SM-18Tori's Bridal SM-19Tori's Bridal SM-21Tori's Bridal SM-23Tori's Bridal SM-22Tori's Bridal SM-24Tori's Bridal SM-27Tori's Bridal SM-28Tori's Bridal SM-26Tori's Bridal SM-25Tori's Bridal SM-32Tori's Bridal SM-30Tori's Bridal SM-33Tori's Bridal SM-31Tori's Bridal SM-29Tori's Bridal SM-35Tori's Bridal SM-34


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