Murillo Wedding

April 9, 2016

Ya’ll we had the pleasure of going to San Antonio for Tori & Henry’s wedding, and we had the best of times! We stayed at the gorgeous Drury Plaza hotel, and as soon as we arrived we knew it was going to be an awesome wedding! This is by far my most favorite San Antonio night wedding photography wedding! 

Tori, Henry and us go way back, and I mean since last year when we first met in person. We shot their engagement session and Tori’s Bridal session and each time we met them we learned how awesomely perfect they are for each other. They laughed and they teased each other but most importantly, I noticed the way they looked at each other. Tori and Henry have been together for close to 10 years and have raised 3 beautiful daughters, I am so happy for you guys! And now I want to show you a teaser of Tori and Henry’s wedding.

<3 Katy-


Murillo Wedding SM-1Murillo Wedding SM-7Murillo Wedding SM-8Murillo Wedding SM-17Murillo Wedding SM-21Murillo Wedding SM-24Murillo Wedding SM-32Murillo Wedding SM-38Murillo Wedding SM-41Murillo Wedding SM-39Murillo Wedding SM-43Murillo Wedding SM-49Murillo Wedding SM-50Murillo Wedding SM-52Murillo Wedding SM-55Murillo Wedding SM-56Murillo Wedding SM-57Murillo Wedding SM-59Murillo Wedding SM-69Murillo Wedding SM-71Murillo Wedding SM-74Murillo Wedding SM-100Murillo Wedding SM-104Murillo Wedding SM-107Murillo Wedding SM-108Murillo Wedding SM-113Murillo Wedding SM-127

We love our night wedding photography, specially when it is in an awesome location! We love traveling to San Antonio as well! Did ya’ll know we are also San Antonio night wedding photographers?Murillo Wedding SM-128Murillo Wedding SM-133Murillo Wedding SM-134Murillo Wedding SM-140Murillo Wedding SM-141Murillo Wedding SM-142Murillo Wedding SM-144Murillo Wedding SM-183Murillo Wedding SM-185Murillo Wedding SM-187Murillo Wedding SM-189Murillo Wedding SM-191


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