Flores Wedding

April 23, 2016


I met Clarissa and Enzo on Halloween 2015! I remember because everyone came into the coffee house we were supposed to meet at all dressed up in their funky costumes lol.

I could tell that these two were awesome to each other back then and I am so happy to have been chosen to photograph their union. It was beautiful!

I wanted to post this teaser of their gorgeous wedding at Chapel Dulcinea, and the awesome reception at the Black Lagoon.

Congratulations to you both! We wish you a lifetime of love and joy!

<3 Katy-

Flores Wedding SM-1

Flores Wedding SM-7Flores Wedding SM-9Flores Wedding SM-16

Loving this heartfelt image of Clarissa and her mom after she realized her little girl was about to tie the knot.Flores Wedding SM-18Flores Wedding SM-20Flores Wedding SM-26

I love this authentic image of the bride, taking a moment right before her ceremony. Clarissa looks stunning!

Flores Wedding SM-28Flores Wedding SM-29Flores Wedding SM-53Flores Wedding SM-56

I love this profound expression on Enzo’s face as his bride is walking towards him.

Flores Wedding SM-57Flores Wedding SM-58Flores Wedding SM-69Flores Wedding SM-86Flores Wedding SM-87Flores Wedding SM-90Flores Wedding SM-92Flores Wedding SM-98Flores Wedding SM-122Flores Wedding SM-140Flores Wedding SM-143Flores Wedding SM-152Flores Wedding SM-153Flores Wedding SM-169Flores Wedding SM-170Flores Wedding SM-174Flores Wedding SM-178Flores Wedding SM-193Flores Wedding SM-194Flores Wedding SM-197Flores Wedding SM-199Flores Wedding SM-209Flores Wedding SM-212Flores Wedding SM-215

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