Lisa’s Bridal Session at the House on a Hill

May 8, 2016

Have I said how much I love bridals? If not I should, they are awesome! Not only the chance to feel absolutely gorgeous and strut your white dress, but you also get to check out how you will see and look the day of.

Also you get to see how it feels to sit, move and turn with your dress, and prepare yourself for your big day. I love bridals and they are a definite must have prior to your wedding day? Why?  Well with the rush of your wedding day you will look back and wish you’d had a whole hour for yourself for images of you being you and being a beautiful bride.

I was so excited when Lisa told me she wanted to have her session at the beautiful House on a Hill. This venue is so beautiful! It has a gorgeous Spanish flair, and beautiful gardens! And the view! The view is breathtaking! Feel free to check it out! Click here to find more about this gorg venue.

Without further ado here is Lisa’s bridal session.

Lisa Bridals SM-1Lisa Bridals SM-2Lisa Bridals SM-3Lisa Bridals SM-4Lisa Bridals SM-5Lisa Bridals SM-6Lisa Bridals SM-7Lisa Bridals SM-8Lisa Bridals SM-9Lisa Bridals SM-10Lisa Bridals SM-11Lisa Bridals SM-12Lisa Bridals SM-13Lisa Bridals SM-14Lisa Bridals SM-15Lisa Bridals SM-16Lisa Bridals SM-17Lisa Bridals SM-18Lisa Bridals SM-19Lisa Bridals SM-20Lisa Bridals SM-21Lisa Bridals SM-22Lisa Bridals SM-23Lisa Bridals SM-24Lisa Bridals SM-25

This one below this text, is one of my favs, Lisa looks so absolutely stunning! Gorgeous woman!Lisa Bridals SM-26Lisa Bridals SM-27Lisa Bridals SM-28Lisa Bridals SM-29This venue is so beautiful at night! I can’t wait to have a wedding here, it will be absolutely gorgeous!Lisa Bridals SM-30Lisa Bridals SM-31

Thank you Lisa, for trusting us the Honest Hue wedding photography with your wedding memories! Congratulations! <3 Katy-



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