Honest Wedding Tips – Your engagement

June 24, 2016

Your engagement.

He put a ring on it and you are now engaged! YAY! Congrats on your engagement! How exciting!!!

This is such an amazing time of your life and I am very happy that you are now engaged! Marriage to me and Larry is so important, regardless on who you end up choosing as your wedding photographer, I wanted to post this “Honest Wedding Tips” Series as an awesome resource for wedding tips. You know the ones you wish everyone will tell you about but they have either forgotten or just choose not to tell you because they might offend you.

Since I tend to be brutally honest let me start by saying thank you for reading this and I hope that your engagement and then your marriage is full of happiness. So here I go!


Tip Numero UNO – Write!

Yes you read that right, write! The day after your engagement while you are still numb from all the excitement and still getting used to that pretty awesome rock that has now housed nicely in your finger, make sure you write. Even if its on a napkin. Write every single thing that happened at your engagement.

-What you were doing before

-How your friends acted

-Where he took you

-What you were wearing

-What you felt at each of these times

-Did he get down on one knee?

-What were his exact words?

-Your answer

-What happened immediately after.

The reason why you should write all of this down is beacuse down the line when your daughter asks you about your love story you have something to remind you exactly how it happened and how you were feeling. It is also a good read when your anniversary comes around or when you are going through one of those rough patches in life.

Tip #2 – Insurance

Make sure your ring gets insured. The last thing you want is your ring getting lost because it is not the right size the day after your engagement! If you are reading this and are not yet engaged, make sure your BF reads this before he buys your bling!

Try several insurance companies, you can even check your auto insurance company, they can insure your ring as well for a reduced rate, how cool is that? (as always check up on them first, I cannot vouch for every company out there) If you need more information click here on the Knot’s post about ring insurance, its very thorough.

Tip Number 3 – Take a picture!

This one goes without saying, but someone should. A good tip is to set your ring on something reflective just as your phone (when its on sleep mode) or tablet, and shooting your ring at eye level. It makes all the difference, trust me, I’m a wedding photographer and I absolutely love engagement and wedding rings!

Talking about that, if you are engaged and you need a wedding photographer contact me here, and me, Katy awesome Austin wedding photographer will contact you back!


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