Mazarakis Backyard Wedding

August 2, 2016

Today I wanted to share with you this beautiful blog from Clare and Andrew’s backyard wedding. They knew each other for about three years, before getting engaged, they meet in school. And if you must wonder how Andrew proposed to his beautiful wife, he did it in the most special way.

As they were getting ready to leave the country to teach in Guatemala, at their goodbye party, he thanked family and friends for being there and got down on one knee so spontaneously, he just swept her off her feet and she said yes!! it was amazing!! Now they are both math teachers who love what they do.

And the best part? The venue was so touching and sweet! Claire and Andrew got hitched at Clair’s parent’s backyard in Georgetown. Can you believe that? Who doesn’t love a beautiful, relaxed backyard wedding?

Details! Simple=amazing!! beautiful!! stunning!!

That makeup is on point?? So natural i love it!

This bouquet is so much fun! Look at these colors!

Just posing!!!

This moment between Claire’s mom and Claire is one of my fav! This is what real love looks like!

So winsome!

The way he looks at her!!? Now that is love!

Those smiles showing that their love ❤️ will last forever.

The combination of colors takes your breath away!

Beautiful vows!

First kiss as a married couple how delightful!?

Those colors just pop!!

Cute backyard wedding!!

The chemistry between them is just endearing!

Cuddling under the sun!

This image is probably one of my favorite toast shots ever! I absolutely love the image from the B&G perspective. This here is the groom’s sister giving a witty yet heartfelt toast.
The way she looks at him, her expression saying I’m a lucky girl!!


Its dance battle time!!!

A little karaoke!! oh yea!!

Precious moment, father daughter dance?

Picture time!!?

I love small intimate weddings, actually all weddings of all sizes as long as there is true honest love that is all I need to capture your wedding day! If you are looking for a wedding photographer in the Austin area, send me an email and check out my website here

Happy wedding planning!


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