Hilarie & Jared Engagement Session

February 2, 2019

I love shooting engagement sessions at Bull Creek Park! That place is awesome, but I and all other photographers know it. So it makes it hard to shoot there sometimes because we all want the best of the best for our clients, and having been there several times I know how congested with photographers it can get, however when you are as experienced as I am, I already know a few tricks. One, your equipment is definitely your best friend, to cover up all the other togs, people, etc.  Two you can never predict what kind of gorgeous sunset you are going to have, and three it’s all about love!

I love shooting couples in love, and Hilary and Jared are a beautiful example of love, joy and dedication to one another. Hilary is such a beautiful kind bride, and Jared is patient and loving, and oh so caring towards Hilary!  I am so blessed to be their wedding photographer! Hilary and Jared come from San Antonio, and they made the trip out to Austin to have their engagement session photographed by yours truly, Katy Rox. You can check out my website right here.

Check out their images!

It looks like we are the only ones there right? There were at least 4 photographers within shouting distance from us! Hilarie and Jared are amazing!

These guys are so cute! I had such a blast during their engagement session in Austin TX.

My last trick is after all photographers are gone, I am still there! I embrace the absence of light!

This is what I was talking about! I mean pink skies! This is literally how it came out of the camera!




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