St. Ignatius Catholic Church wedding

July 2, 2022

Oh my gosh! If yall were there, you would be in love with these two! First of all, let me tell you something. I am in love with intimate weddings, why? Because you get to feel the love from every single person involved. Don’t get me wrong, large weddings are fantastic too! Who doesn’t love to party am I right?

Anyways, when I got to the church, (and every wedding) I went to photograph the location, and the architecture of the St. Ignatius Catholic Church is pretty impressive. Now, if you have been there, the light is pretty tricky, it has very green hue tones, this is because it has natural light coming in, and the lights coming from the lamps are yellow. So yellow and blue (natural light is blue) create these green hues, and trust me even tho St. Ignatius Catholic Church is a gorgeous church, it is tough to photograph. No one likes to look green am I rite? However, cause I am the bomb (true story) I know how to make it all work to my advantage, and let me tell you I captured the essence of their story. Thank you to Rachael who is the church coordinator who gave me permission to bring my ideas to life.

Let me tell you about Sarah and Michael are super sweet and very kind, and if there is something I love is kindness. They are completely in love with each other and I am so glad and blessed they chose me as their wedding photographer.

I am posting a teaser of their wedding on this blog. In case you didn’t know (lol) this wedding was shot at St. Ignatius Catholic Church. If you’d like to see more awesome church weddings check out my website under the “galleries tab” here is the link:

I will upload another blog with their full gallery. But for now, enjoy these awesome images. If you’d like to see my original Facebook post check it out here:



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