Sparks fly at this intimate Airbnb wedding

July 8, 2022

Have you thought about getting married at an Airbnb? Well, let me tell you something, the wedding of Sabrina and Garret was incredible, aaanddd they did just that! It was all such a gorgeous day! As always, the heat was not on our side, but Sabrina was absolutely hotter than the Texas heat! She was stunning! I mean check out the pics below. BUUUT before you do, allow me to take you back to their intimate Airbnb wedding day.

I arrived early in the morning for their Airbnb wedding without knowing what to expect or where to go. This Airbnb was absolutely beautiful and extremely big. There were two houses in the same lot. The main house was huge, so I followed the sounds of the splashing pool. My sister Juli was helping me that day! She is an incredible assistant and to be honest she has a very creative mind and I know she will be an even better photographer in the future, (but don’t tell her I said that).

Anyways, I arrived at the pool with the blazing sun of high noon over my head and I am wearing all black of course! I am always professional. So I ask the people having fun in the pool if this was the right area for the wedding. Happy to hear that it was!

As always, we find a quiet and out-of-the-way spot to haul our equipment (and yes it is a lot) this is why we are pros (am I right?). Continuing my rambling… I hauled butt to where the bride was getting ready, this is always a jittery time for me, butterflies are flowing, and I know that is a good thing! That’s how I know it is going to be a fantastic day! TBH the Airbnb’s I’ve been to in the past have been quite gloomy and dark, but this one had amazing light. PLEASE make sure that your getting ready location is full of light and that the room is pretty neutral (think white).

Well, I was in for a surprise. Sabrina was getting ready at this absolutely gorgeous white restroom with amazing natural light. A photographer’s dream! Sabrina and her mom brought their dogs and if you know me, I love dogs! So we were in for quite a treat. Ok, enough of me, please enjoy this gorgeous, fabulous, sweet, and incredible Airbnb wedding in Austin TX.

Wedding Details, Bride’s shoes, Bridesmaid’s gifts
Look at the officiant’s notebook!
All about the groom! Look at that Groom’s note from the bride
What did I tell you? This beautiful Airbnb wedding was incredible!
This is half of the property! How gorgeous is this pool house?
Must have bride and groom shots
Look at that groom’s wedding ring detail!
Bride and Groom having fun! True life moments!
Dayyyumm girl!!! You are stunning!!!! I love creating these bridal shots at night.
Can we get an awwww for this beautiful pup??? Isn’t it gorgeous to photograph a bride with her dog?
One of a kind night wedding portrait.
The ring shot detail

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