Austin Club Wedding Reception

July 25, 2022

I just got back from shooting Miranda & Brayden’s wedding. I am so lucky to have amazing couples who are beautiful inside and out. Miranda and Brayden are meant for each other. They lived in Alaska for a long time, and I am sure this move in the middle of summer has been a huge change for them. They got married in Alaska, but they came to Austin to party with friends and family members, they had their Wedding Reception at the Austin Club. Check out their website here

We started at the Capitol for their bride and groom portraits. I love shooting there, there are many spots to photograph, and I am so lucky that I was able to take the bride and groom to take portraits there, yay!!!

Miranda came wearing the coolest sunglasses I have ever seen and with the gorgeous and elegant gown, she was wearing she looked like she came out of a magazine. When I spotted her I was in awe at how gorgeous she looked! Ya’ll let me tell you that she had a whole aesthetic going on. GORGEOUS!

Brayden looked super handsome and elegant in his ensemble. I have to admit I absolutely love the way these two connect with each other. Afterward, we headed over to the Austin Club for their reception. That venue is gorgeous and very elegant. The chandeliers are absolutely stunning. We started with images of all the friends and family members.

At the entrance, they had a beautiful collection of stationery, one of those cards was a game, in which they had to respond to the best of their recollection of things that the bride and the groom liked. They also played the shoe game, I love those games, everyone had such a great time at their reception.

Ok, onto the images! Check out this small teaser of their wedding day. Take note of the beautiful architecture at this Wedding Reception at the Austin Club. I will post a bigger blog once their gallery is ready to go. I can’t wait!

Congratulations you guys!!! May you have a fantastic marriage full of love and joy!

I love this image taken at the rooftop next to the Austin Club during their wedding reception.

If you like these images which I lovingly photographed in the Austin’s Captiol and the Austin Club, contact me and we will create memories together! I would love to be your Austin TX Wedding Photographer. Check out more of my work at



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