While I love shooting in the daylight, (and I love it!), my eye always gravitates toward the night’s remarkable essence and the romantic feeling that it brings. By specializing in low-light and night photography, I have learned how to capture even the trickiest of images, so that you remember your breathtaking day as beautifully as it happened. 

When I’m not photographing love stories, I’m living my own kind of love story with my husband Larry, our son, our 3 mischievous Boston Terriers named Chunky, Bootsie, and Bubbles, and our senior rescue cat named Mr. Fuzz.

I’m Katy, and since 2014, I have been blessed to combine my passion for romance with my love for creative imagery through photographing more than 150 weddings in Texas and beyond. 

Hi, Darling!

As a photographer, my editing style is colorful, light, fun, and seasoned with the occasional true black & white. I want your photos to reveal the vibrant, clean, and true colors of your most beautiful and magical wedding moments. 

While I love love and capturing candids of the people who matter most to you, I am also deeply devoted to photographing every little detail you worked so hard to prepare. Because I believe you deserve to have every important memory preserved forever. 

Vibrant. Joyful. Creative.

Notes on Style


You’re in the right place. 

  • want your love story told in vibrant color
  • know you’ll need your best friends by your side
  • believe in choosing joy day after day
  • care about spreading kindness in the world
  • put your family and friends first
  • consider your fur-babies, well, your babies
  • love your people hard, so hard

You’re my fave if you...


Everywhere I go and with every wedding I work, I carry some of the joy she left in me so that I can share it with others and make the world a little bit joyful as I go. 

When my best friend, Roxanna passed away unexpectedly, I wanted to do something special to remember her. I chose to begin the process of changing my middle name to hers. Roxanna, known to us as either Rosy or Ro, was the kind of person who could light up a room with her smile and the one person with whom I could be my true, silly self. She changed my life forever ‒ affecting both how I treat people and how I see the world. 

Behind the Name

love, rox


We will create and capture images that are not only beautifully memorable but also stunningly artful. 


We will go above and beyond for you, treating your wedding like it’s our only one, and listening to what you value most. 


We will do the hustling, so you can enjoy your day. We’ll preserve your day and jump in to help wherever else you might need us.  


We will always work from a place of kindness and honesty, remaining transparent with you regarding scheduling and pricing. 


Our Commitment to You 

What Matters Most