Yes girl! It's your wedding!

What to expect

I know that your wedding is one of the best days of your life. It goes without saying, you can rest assured that I will be capturing the moments in between, the laughter, tears and joy. I am like a chameleon, adapting and blending to any and all situations.


1. Getting Ready

Thats right girl! At your getting ready part, aside from shooting all your beautiful details, I bring calm and relaxing vibes to ease those wedding day jitters.

At your ceremony, I am a ninja (without the flips and the flying of course!!!). This allows me to capture beautiful moments that aren't seen by many, just like that millisecond when your dad gives you away, and he lingers just a bit because he knows this is his little girl. 

2. Your Ceremony

3. Your Family

Your family and friends pictures are all you will have to remember, and because your wedding is a place where you gather all the most important and loved people in your life I make sure you have all the images you deserve. I bring all the happy vibes throughout all your family and group pictures, we go through these images fast not only because we are well prepared but also because -well- lets face it, right after that comes the most amazing party!!!!

4. Your Party!!!

Your reception is a time for incredible joy, dancing and partiiiiing!!!! At your reception you shall see me getting down with your peeps just to get close to the action. I have learned that this will produce the most amazing reception photos. 

All the details!

Your whole wedding is Ah-mazing but we cannot forget about all those little important details that you have so patiently and lovingly put together. 

I am so proud to say (ahem ahem), I have created some amazing macro photos of all important details such as the rings, sentimental items and decor. Pssst... did you know that I photograph the rings  during dinner? Do you want to know why? 

It's going to rain!

I know girl I know! Its a bummer! As you know weather in Texas is like, here hold my beer and check this out. But It's cool, I got you covered! I am not scared of rain. (ok maybe a hail storm). Having shot outdoor weddings at 115 F outside (yes it was that hot) to shooting in the rain and snow has proven to provide amazing results like these.

Its totally cool! My husband has 50 cousins alone! So I get it, you'll be able to choose as many group images as you want (within reasonable time) and I will get those done! Want to know how I make it happen?

Check out my FAQ page to learn more. 

It's a big family

Let's chat! I'll tell ya!