Our Work

Excellence is the core of our business. In every interaction with our clients and at every stage of our workflow we strive to deliver excellent service, imagery and products. The end result is authentic photographs of your day that are meaningful as well as beautiful to look at.


We meet all of our clients in person. During this consult we provide you with a sample and customized timeline & a custom quote including digital images, second photographer, engagement & bridal session & more.

A month prior to your wedding we review plans one last time before your big day.

In-person Meeting



We photograph your wedding day with you and everything we know about you and your wedding in mind.

Our experience shooting over 150 weddings and cutting edge gear allows us to create beautiful wedding imagery no matter what is thrown our way. 



The night of your wedding we begin the editing process. We share your wedding teaser on Facebook.

The following weeks are spent reviewing, selecting and refining your wedding images to make sure they look gorgeous. This is where we invest most of our time. 



Our wedding turn around time is anywhere from 6-8 weeks after your wedding. Your images are delivered in this beautiful Pinterest style gallery, where you can view, share & download.

Prints and enlargements may be ordered directly from the gallery. 

Personal Meeting

Our work begins before we touch our cameras

All about you

Choosing a wedding photographer can be a daunting process, and we are here to help. We like to bring your wedding from amazing to extraordinary, and we achieve that by having great communication. Please don’t meet your photographer for the first time on your wedding day!

We care about you, so we sit down face to face over coffee (hot choco for me!) and get to know you and your other half. We like to get to know our couples, find out what is important, unique or significant to you and your families. This is why we must meet all our couples (in-person or over skype) before shooting their big day, we need to make it personal.

The more you know us the more comfortable you’ll feel in front of the camera. This relaxes our couples and helps us create authentic, honest and lively wedding images.

 Your wedding

Because I care about you and your wedding, I create a simplified version of your wedding timeline, which will aid to avoid all planning and timing issues, I provide this at our initial wedding consultation.

We believe in efficiency and cost-effective coverage. Therefore, we might recommend finalizing wedding coverage before the end of the night, depending on your wedding wants and needs. We can complete a small wedding in 6 hours, or we can photograph your wedding from start to end in 8 hours. Unlike others we don’t impose hourly minimums on coverage time.

A month prior to your wedding we have a second meeting to iron out any hiccups we have found along the way as well as finish your wedding timeline. This is where we go through your formal portraits list and we complete your pre-wedding questionnaire. Meeting face to face ensures nothing gets lost in translation and we are all in the same page come your big day.




Big moments to little details

We create big images, that can be shared for years to come, and we never forget about those small beautiful details.

I am so proud to say, we create some amazing macro photos of the most important details! Rings, jewelry, and all of the little details you’ve spent oh so much time putting together. This way you will have photos of all the love you have put onto your wedding.

We have photographed more than 125 weddings and we have learned we are not afraid of anything your wedding may throw at us. 

We aren't scared of anything... ok, maybe spiders.

We specialize in low light and night time weddings, so no matter what time your wedding will be photographed in gorgeous lighting every-time. 

Austin TX wedding Photographer Katy Rox

Not Afraid of the dark

Not afraid of color

We are not afraid of color, we love vibrant, real images which come across as warm, joyful and full of love! These images will never go out of style because our life is full of color! 

You wont be hearing "What were you thinking Grandma???" Or "Why is this picture so dark?" We want your grandkids to fall in love with your wedding and feel all the love!

Expecting the unexpected

We are in the constant look for those special moments that happen in an instant. We know how important family is and we want you to cherish those moments for years to come. In other words, we photograph your wedding as if we were shooting our own. 

Not afraid of the rain or snow

Weather in Texas is unpredictable. But no worries we got you covered! From shooting outdoor weddings at 115F outside (yes it was that hot) to shooting in the rain and snow! 

We create beautiful wedding photography in Austin TX no matter what the weather tried to throw our way.

Not afraid of large families

During our month away consultation we will go over any special group image requests as well as any other combination you'd like to have photographed. 

We will bring a spreadsheet on the day of your wedding to make sure all aunts/uncles/cousins are photographed on your big day!



Our work continues after the sparklers blow out.

Psst!: This image was only sharpened and lightly colored. It came out like this out of my camera! No photoshop needed here!

Backing up your memories

Our workflow is planned from loading images to our computers to delivery. We care about your images, as if they were from our own wedding. So we back up your images in external hard-drives. The images from your wedding do not get deleted from our cards until they are fully edited to make sure nothing is missed. Editing is our next step, once that is done we save a file of your final JPG images and they get uploaded to your online gallery. This gallery will last 10 years, however we highly recommend that you back up your images in several devices as we only keep copies of your images for 1 year locally in our hard-drives. 

Bringing images to life

Our editing workflow begins by carefully curating your final images. Then they move to editing. We color correct, white balance and smoothing harsh shadows from each of your images! This step might take 2-3 weeks, and finish editing your whole wedding may take anywhere from 6-8 weeks. Afterwards your final edited images will be added to your beautiful online gallery. You can see samples of our past clients galleries’ here. Your gallery should be up and running for the next 10 years.



Delivering tangible memories

After your images are carefully curated and edited they are saved in JPG format and uploaded onto your personal private online gallery. To see a sample gallery click here. 

This beautiful gallery is set up in a Pinterest like interface. Inside your gallery you can view, share, like, download and much more! If you have family out of state you may send them your gallery, where they can like, and purchase professional grade prints which get sent straight to their home.  Your images will be ready 6-8 weeks after your wedding.

If albums were included on your collection, you may select your favorite 80 images to go into your album as soon as you receive your gallery. Selections are done straight on the gallery by clicking the heart button on the selected image. Once your selection is complete it will take 2-3 weeks for the first design draft of your wedding album.

The first draft of your album will be sent to you via link. In that interface you can add comments in as many pages as you like. Click on complete and you have finished your fist revision. You have 2 revisions included in your collection. Once you give us the green light, your album is sent to the lab. We expect to have your album back from the lab in 5-10 weeks after we sent it for printing. 

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