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I just got back from shooting Miranda & Brayden’s wedding. I am so lucky to have amazing couples who are beautiful inside and out. Miranda and Brayden are meant for each other. They lived in Alaska for a long time, and I am sure this move in the middle of summer has been a huge […]

Can I just take a second to share with you the images of this Saturday’s wedding? Gina and Matt are amazing and their love story is even better. Keep reading to see their love story and their beautiful wedding day. Starting off strong, the Bastrop Christian Church has been on my wedding shoot list for […]

Have you thought about getting married at an Airbnb? Well, let me tell you something, the wedding of Sabrina and Garret was incredible, aaanddd they did just that! It was all such a gorgeous day! As always, the heat was not on our side, but Sabrina was absolutely hotter than the Texas heat! She was […]

Oh my gosh! If yall were there, you would be in love with these two! First of all, let me tell you something. I am in love with intimate weddings, why? Because you get to feel the love from every single person involved. Don’t get me wrong, large weddings are fantastic too! Who doesn’t love […]

This might be a common question for many brides! In my almost 8 years of being in business, I have encountered this question many times. Budgeting is often the reason behind this question. I got you, girl! I’ll help you out with simple or complex details such as this one because all of us need […]

Wedding at Fisher Hall

Hi Yall! Alright my darlings, I have decided I need to start blogging like a maniac. Why? Looks like as-of today I am on the 8th page of Google when you search Austin Wedding Photographer. So YAY!!! but seriously, I wanted to write about this amazing wedding! Although I photographed it a couple of years […]

I really admire all of those who can keep up a blog going years and years and years! Wow, y’all! We all didn’t get the gift of writing! TBH English is my third language, and it is pretty hard to convey all that I am thinking and feeling by typing. At the threat of feeling […]

Whenever I receive clients request’s to photograph downtown my hear fills with glee! I love shooting downtown Austin engagement sessions! They are tots my favs! We went out to

Oh my goodness I had the pleasure and blessing to photograph today’s wedding at the gorgeous Zilker Botanical Gardens in Austin! It was such a

I am so excited to share with y’all this session we did at the Berry Creek Country Club in Georgetown. I’ve had the pleasure of shooting an anniversary party there before and I loved it! I cannot wait to photograph a wedding there. 🙂 As y’all know I am a wedding photographer based in Austin […]


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