Wedding photography for Texas nights (and days)

even with the lights turned down

Vibrant, creative, joyful images
From day to night

Weddings that take place when the rest of the world begins to get still and quiet and the stars serve as sparkling witnesses of your love for one another, hold a special place in my heart... But what about the party?!!!!! All (well 90%) of weddings end at night, so wether you are dancing the night away or turning down for the night, i'll be there for you, capturing each enchanting moment of your beautiful night.

don't let photography limits dictate your day

Even though I love the essence of night, I also believe strongly that day wedding photography doesn’t have to be washed out and boring. During your daytime wedding, I’ll capture your favorite moments and details in vibrant, clean, and truly colorful images, making sure that your wedding images transfer seamlessly through the night. 

Whether you’re planning a nighttime wedding, indoor wedding, outdoor wedding, or a daytime wedding where the celebration continues after dark, I have the training and equipment to serve you and capture both the brightly lit and dimly lit beauty of the day in all its vibrant color.

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From your flowers to your getaway to his cuff links and everything in between - I am all about the deets. 

couples come to me because...

All the deets


master of light...ness

Having been trained in using my equipment for extreme settings, I have learned to capture vibrant images in even the most dimly lit settings. 


creative images

f there’s a fresh angle that will take a picture of your cake-cutting from “okay” to “epic,” we’re going to find it.


Authentic Candids

Real laughs, real moments ‒ those are the ones that count and those are the ones we photograph for you to remember


True colors

While we will season your gallery with the occasional stunning black and white image, our editing style is vibrant, clean, and truly colorful.



My low-light training allows me to easily transition from daytime to nighttime photography, so I have no objection to whatever time of day your wedding takes place.

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- Ginger

"She really took the time to get to know us and our story and it shows in her pictures of us...I am so glad we went with her, she gave us so many pictures and special moments we can treasure for many years to come."

- Stephanie

"Katy took care of our engagement, bridal and wedding photos and I couldn't ask for more! She was really focused on telling OUR story through photos, not just checking off a list of poses. All of our photos were gorgeous - I can't pick a favorite! She was always great with responding to questions and was so much fun to work with!"

- Caitlyn

"WHERE DO I BEGIN??? Katy is freaking amazing. I’m trying to figure what I can do for photos just to have a session with her. My wedding photos are AMAZING!!! Literally they are everything I dreamed they would be."



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