What to expect

As a former bride, I know how important your wedding day is. It is one of the best days of your life. It goes without saying, you can rest assured that I will be capturing the moments in between, the laughter, tears and joy. I am like a chameleon, adapting and blending to any and all situations.

Thats right girl! At your getting ready part, aside from shooting all your beautiful details, I bring calm and relaxing vibes to ease those wedding day jitters.

At your ceremony, I am a ninja (without the flips and the flying of course!!!). This allows me to capture beautiful moments that aren't seen by many, just like that millisecond when your dad gives you away, and he lingers just a bit because he knows this is his little girl. 

 Your family and friends pictures are all you will have to remember, and because your wedding is a place where you gather all the most important and loved people in your life I make sure you have all the images you deserve.  I bring all the happy vibes throughout all your family and group pictures, we go through these images fast not only because we are well prepared but also because -well- lets face it, right after that comes the most amazing party!!!!

Your reception is a time for incredible joy, dancing and partiiiiing!!!! At your reception you shall see me getting down with your peeps just to get close to the action. I have learned that this will produce the most amazing reception photos. 


We meet all of our clients in person. During this consult we provide you with a sample and customized timeline & a custom quote including digital images, second photographer, engagement & bridal session & more.
A month prior to your wedding we review plans one last time before your big day.

Our first chat! 



We photograph your wedding day with you and everything we know about you and your wedding in mind.
Our experience shooting over 150 weddings and cutting edge gear allows us to create beautiful wedding imagery no matter what is thrown our way. 



The night of your wedding we begin the editing process. We share your wedding teaser on Facebook.
The following weeks are spent reviewing, selecting and refining your wedding images to make sure they look gorgeous. This is where we invest most of our time. 



Our wedding turn around time is anywhere from 6-8 weeks after your wedding. Your images are delivered in this beautiful Pinterest style gallery, where you can view, share & download.
Prints and enlargements may be ordered directly from the gallery. 


Our work continues after the sparklers blow out.

Backing up your memories

Our workflow is planned from loading images to our computers to delivery. We care about your images, as if they were from our own wedding. So we back up your images in external hard-drives. The images from your wedding do not get deleted from our cards until they are fully edited to make sure nothing is missed. Editing is our next step, once that is done we save a file of your final JPG images and they get uploaded to your online gallery. This gallery will last 10 years, however we highly recommend that you back up your images in several devices as we only keep copies of your images for 1 year locally in our hard-drives. 

Bringing images to life

Our editing workflow begins by carefully curating your final images. Then they move to editing. We color correct, white balance and smoothing harsh shadows from each of your images! This step might take 2-3 weeks, and finish editing your whole wedding may take anywhere from 6-8 weeks. Afterwards your final edited images will be added to your beautiful online gallery. You can see samples of our past clients galleries’ here. Your gallery should be up and running for the next 10 years.


Delivering tangible memories

After your images are carefully curated and edited they are saved in JPG format and uploaded onto your personal private online gallery. To see a sample gallery click here. 

This beautiful gallery is set up in a Pinterest like interface. Inside your gallery you can view, share, like, download and much more! If you have family out of state you may send them your gallery, where they can like, and purchase professional grade prints which get sent straight to their home.  Your images will be ready 6-8 weeks after your wedding.

If albums were included on your collection, you may select your favorite 80 images to go into your album as soon as you receive your gallery. Selections are done straight on the gallery by clicking the heart button on the selected image. Once your selection is complete it will take 2-3 weeks for the first design draft of your wedding album.

The first draft of your album will be sent to you via link. In that interface you can add comments in as many pages as you like. Click on complete and you have finished your fist revision. You have 2 revisions included in your collection. Once you give us the green light, your album is sent to the lab. We expect to have your album back from the lab in 5-10 weeks after we sent it for printing.