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Hi, Darling

I’m Katy of Katy Rox Photography. Your wedding is an incredibly special day filled with affection, emotion, and not to mention all the joyful fun. The enchanting romance of it all is why I created Katy Rox Photography — it’s a blessing to combine my passion for photography with the endearment I have for witnessing the enchanting day that a couple embarks on their next chapter of life together.

My mission is to photograph weddings with the utmost attention to detail and care that result in treasured snapshots to last a lifetime. And this not only extends to you, the bride, and your groom, but also of all the family and friends who come together to celebrate such a tremendous milestone.

Whether I’m serving a wedding in Austin, Texas, the surrounding areas, or anywhere else in the world where my clients take me, I take pride in my specialty: bringing vibrance, realness, and joyfulness to both daytime and low-light or nighttime weddings. 

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It’s all About the Big & Little Details

As a bride-to-be, you well know that weddings are a chance to make these dreams we have as little girls come to life — the decor, the guests, and all the other big and little details come together to create this beautiful day that you’ve waited so long for.

And when the ceremony is over, this dream-come-true of a day deserves to live on as a legacy for yourself, your husband, and generations to fondly look back on.

I aspire to capture you and your new husband, surrounded by the people you love in a creative manner — with a focus on showcasing the colors, sprightly atmosphere, magical romance, and the authentic laughs when your uncle tries to start a conga line! So when you reminisce on the photos, you’re immediately transported back to your day when the beginnings of this new chapter of love stirred excitement in everyone’s hearts, and romance filled the room to the brim.

Our Process

01. Consult

We will first get in contact, whether that be over email, video chat via Zoom, or in person — I personally always look forward to having a little chat over some iced green tea lattes. We’ll get to know each other, your vision for the photos, and of course, the amazing story of how you and your fiancé met.

02. Custom package

From there, I’ll create a custom package that best suits you and your fiancé’s needs and wants, which includes a personalized photography timeline. I make sure to make the whole process as simple, clear, and effortless for you and your husband-to-be so you feel completely prepared for the engagement and wedding sessions.

03. Engagement & Wedding

I am here to guide you through the engagement sessions, and highlight the most beautiful and fun aspects of your ceremony so you can be completely immersed in your day and dance the night away.

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Our Collection Options

A wedding may be one day, but the memories last a lifetime.

Over 200 couples have chosen me to photograph their special wedding moments, and so you can rest assured that your big day is in good hands.

Depending on your unique wedding and vision, I offer several different base-line collection options for you to choose from.

Each collection includes at minimum…

• Two photographers
• Six hours of wedding photo coverage
• An Engagement session
• A custom wedding photo album cover
• Curated online gallery
• A download and print release.

From there you have the opportunity to customize your collection with some more exclusive options, such as a custom cover wedding album for your grandparents — you know they won’t stop begging until they get their own fair share of photos!

The combo of my expertise, my promise to be attentive to what’s important to you, and absolute enthusiasm for love will ensure that your photos will result in all the happy tears!

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